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Major Reasons Why React Native Should Be Used for Mobile App Development


There is a trinity of mobile app development that business owners want to achieve. They want a mobile app that helps them reach their many customers, they want an app that is inexpensive (but still contains a lot of features), and they want their application to be launched as quickly as possible.

Because of the very limited development tools back in the day, an app development company would have to resort to creating native applications. Should the client want to have an application on both iOS and Android, they would have to create an application for each operating system separately. This not only increases development time significant but it also increases the costs as well.

Furthermore, native applications provide the best performance possible, but their biggest limitation is that it only works on one operating system.

Obviously, that is not part of the trinity that I’ve touched upon earlier. So, how will clients remedy this to achieve that trinity?

Well, they would have to invest in cross-platform mobile app development. There are many frameworks out there today that allow developers to create such applications, but one thing stands out from the rest and that is React Native.

React Native is a development framework that was created by the people behind the popular social media site, Facebook.

This dev framework aims to allow for easier cross-platform app creation that would make both developers and clients alike happy.

In this article, I will go over some of the major reasons why you should use React Native for developing your mobile applications.

  1. It Uses Only One Codebase

In a typical mobile app development scenario where developers create native applications, they would have to write one codebase for every operating system. As I’ve alluded to earlier, that would increase development time by a lot.

Using React Native provides you with the benefit of writing only a single codebase that works on all platforms.

  1. Highly Adaptive and Reusable Components


WebView components were the standard before when it comes to developing hybrid (cross-platform) apps but because it is fairly limited in what it can do, it doesn’t bode well for the developers in the long run.

React Native contains reusable native components that allow developers to compile their code in a native container which, again, means that you can use the application on any mobile operating system available.

  1. Requires No Rewrites

When the developer already has templates for an application (with some common features), they won’t have to rewrite everything as they can just use their existing code in React Native (and trust me, it works).

  1. Allows 3rd Party Plugin Compatibility


One of the major drawbacks to native app development is that developers are limited in the frameworks they use. Some frameworks only use plugins specific to only one operating system environment which severely hampers app development.

React Native makes use of a library that allows 3rd party plugin compatibility so that you can use things that would help you test the application’s features using device and OS-specific environments.

  1. Low-Code Framework

Developers would no longer sink a lot of time when it comes to coding their applications since this development framework shortens the coding process so you can focus more on the stuff that really matters (adding more features and testing).



Android App

Ways to Promote Your Android App Through Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing


Would you like to manufacture an android upheld application, or you have constructed one? In the event that you have, despite everything you have a few obstacles to cross. One of such obstacles is the means by which to get your android app development to the end-clients.

This is an immense test in view of the number of Android applications in the commercial center. There are a huge number of different mobile app developments that will dominate your android application.

In all actuality; it is troublesome for end-clients to see your application among the few a large number of accessible applications. This has kept app designers at unease with musings on the most proficient method to break into the market.

Truth be told, this circumstance is a wellspring of restlessness for some android developers. However, with the correct substance advertising and showcasing, your application can break into the market easily.

Great advertising procedures will spare you from bunches of inconveniences in android application advancement. You ought to have a very much characterized showcasing methodology before you construct your Android application.

You need a decent procedure for your android application to get the truly necessary consideration of end-clients. In all actuality; content advertising and showcasing methodologies are essential in application improvement. Most engineers in android application improvement can’t disregard these procedures.

What is content promoting?

Content Promoting

Content promoting is making and sharing of online substance to invigorate the enthusiasm of people in an item or administration.

What is showcasing?

This is a demonstration of advancing and moving an item or administration. It includes an amazing business/statistical surveying and attention.

For what reason do you need substance and promoting?

Content showcasing and advertising are viable approaches to advance your Android application. A drawing in substance will expand the dimension enthusiasm of individuals in your android application.

This is an effective method to advance your Android application in android application improvement. Truth be told, this is a brilliant method to get the consideration of end-clients in your application and brand in the meantime.

You can configuration content advertising to advance your Android application. This will include your capacity to make substance important to end-clients. This involves adding your android application connects to the elegantly composed and drawing in substance.

This is a straightforward and straightforward idea in android application promoting. The most troublesome undertaking is your capacity to make an important and valuable substance. Actually; you need a decent brand to make the applicable end-client substance. Thus, make a decent brand to abstain from circumventing cycles.

There are numerous reasons end-clients make utilization of Android applications. Thus, make an Android application with a pertinent substance that takes care of a typical issue for end-clients.

When the substance is drawing in, it turns into a viable promoting apparatus for your application and brand. To get the intrigue and consideration of end-clients for your application, you should make the correct substance. Numerous Android application improvement organizations consider this to be a compelling and effective method for advertising.

Essential strides to advance your Android application over the web utilizing content promoting


The web is one of the best platforms for advertising your application and brand. The web furnishes you with the chance to achieve a large number of individuals for your application. Here are some vital strides to take to advance your application on the web by means of substance advertising.

  1. Research about your intended interest group and end-clients

Research is a critical instrument in advertising. Complete an overview of your application’s objective industry to comprehend the issues in the business. Review your intended interest group and end-clients to comprehend their necessities and issues.

From that point, make an Android application with proffered answers for these issues. In all actuality; you can’t assemble an application for the general population when you don’t have a clue or comprehend their requirements. Research about the target group of onlookers is vital in android application advancement.

  1. Make connecting with substance

A drawing in substance is an important substance that can catch the eye of end-clients. It is one that will draw the enthusiasm of end-clients to your application. The importance of connecting with substance is relative.

Be that as it may, it is anything but difficult to make one in the event that you know your intended interest group. Along these lines, know and comprehend the issues of your intended interest group. From that point, take the full preferred standpoint of this to make drawing in substance through watchword methodology. Most engineers can’t endanger this training for anything in android application advancement.

  1. Make buzz about your Android application dispatch

There is a requirement for individuals to think about your application and its dispatch. In this way, set up advertisements with significant substance over the web. This is a powerful methodology that offers you a platform to advertise your application over the globe.

Imperative strides to advance your Android application over the web utilizing advertising

The challenge in the Android application industry is high, to such an extent that your application can get lost easily. In this way, you need a decent promoting technique to pass on the capability of your application to end-clients. Here are a few showcasing procedures that will help get the consideration of end-clients to your application.

  1. Social media

Social media is an amazing asset for application engineers in android application improvement. It is one of the powerful advertising channels to advance your application. Your capacity to speak with end-clients is essential to advancing your application.

Social media will help catch the fragile side of your application to draw the consideration of application clients. Along these lines, it advances your application and builds the consciousness of your image. In this way, utilize social media as a promoting device in an imaginative way for your application.

  1. Use advertisement systems

Utilizing advertisement systems is a vital method to showcase your application. On the off chance that you have not thought about the utilization of partner promotion advertising company, you ought to do as such.

These organizations help not just your application to produce income for you however advance your application. However, you have to discover a company that can flow your application advertisement to an intended interest group. Thus, use promotion systems to showcase your Android application.

  1. Keep up steadfast application clients

Your capacity to keep up faithful application clients is an incredible method to showcase your application. You can offer to remunerate steadfast application clients with extra advantages. In this way, send pop-up messages to clients with offers of exceptional advantages by means of your application.