10 Amazing Web Design Tips That Drive Sales

Virtual chat

Many people prefer quick chats online chats when making business inquiries. Why would you spend time picking up the telephone if you can chat right and then and there? A virtual chat feature can help improve your credibility.


Make sure that your headline addresses all the concerns of your potential customers. Are they worried about the results, timing and process? Whatever that is, put the solution in bold.

White Space

Incorporate white space in order to help your readers to have some breathing room while scanning your website. Too much elements can confuse them, and eventually push them away.


Colors can make or break a good first impression. Choosing the right colors can increase your conversions by 6.3%.


Engaging product videos usually improve conversions and sales. Some companies have reported an increase of 144%.

Ease of use

Where are you planning to put your most important content? Well, the best decision is to put them above the fold. Make sure your website design won’t force your customers and viewers to scroll and look for the details they need.

Clear UVP

Determine your business’ unique value proposition. If you don’t know it yet, then do some research and contemplate on that first. Then, make sure that this UVP statement is available for your audiences.

Trust symbols

How can you encourage your potential customers to trust you? Include some badges from review platforms such as Yelp. You can also include PayPal’s certification logo, and some testimonials from previous clients.

Free offers

Are you planning to offer some free items? Well, once you finalize your giveaways, make sure that the word “free” appears clear and loud.

Short forms

Who would love to fill out long, complicated forms? Keep your forms simple and easy to fill out. Just go with the email address, zip code and first name.