3 Kinds of Exercise to Experience Better Sex

3 Kinds of Exercise to Experience Better Sex

Exercise is something very important as it helps to boost our health and staying healthy is what everyone wants.

However, did you know that exercise can also boost your sexual experience? Yes, it can!

Here are some examples of exercise you can do to have better sex.

But, if you want to use some male enhancement pills to get a temporary boost is also fine.

Anyways, here are 3 kinds of exercise to do to experience better sex.


You’ll be surprised that swimming can actually boost your sexual drive. How it works is that swimming builds your endurance as it involves your whole body’s muscles. Plus you don’t feel tired that easily so putting extra time in swimming will further increase your endurance level which when translated in the bedroom means you last longer and enjoy more sex.

Walking Fast

Doing aerobic exercises is good for the body as it lowers health risks. But did you know that walking fast can actually reduce your chances of getting erectile dysfunction (ED)? Here’s how brisk walking allows an increase in blood flow in the body. When you move faster, you would need more energy so the body produces more of it as well as heat. The heat makes you sweat and it invigorates the red blood cells in your body so your blood flows faster. This means more blood can flow down to your manhood and keep it well erected for some time. So start walking faster and feel the difference in bed.


Kegels is very well known as a sex exercise as it helps to improve your lower body. And this for men is important as your manhood is located below the hips so Kegels help to improve that area as well as the muscle known as pubococcygeus (PC) which helps to control the flow of urine as well as delay ejaculation to prevent premature ejaculation. So start doing Kegels and look forward to the improvement in your sex life.