4 Actionable On-site SEO Techniques to Maximize Organic Traffic

The search landscape has certainly come a long way. Many years ago, search engines were not as reliable and sophisticated. People have kept all of their queries short to maximize their chances of getting the most relevant results.

Today, search engines are transforming into intelligent virtual assistants capable of addressing complicated queries, as well as every user’s intent behind such queries. If you are a business owner, you would want your website to be prepared for the next search era by collaborating with a SEO Marketing Company. Below are some tips to make sure that you wouldn’t be left behind:

1. Focus on mobile speed.Bitcoin inside iPhone by casino

Whether you are managing a personal blog or ecommerce website, you need to prioritize mobile search and mobile optimization. Settling for a responsive WordPress template is not enough—you need to allot tons of time to optimize your loading speed and UX. This would eventually improve conversion rate and search traffic. Focus on improving website loading speed.

2. Optimize your web content for featured snippets.

Featured snippets are considered as holy grails when it comes to search rankings. Why? They show up prior to the top 10 search results, and are read aloud to individuals initiating voice searches from smartphones, smart speakers or smartwatches.

YouTube videos, as well as their descriptions, are also being included in featured snippets. Whatever content you want to produce, make sure to develop an efficient content creation schedule.

3. Get SSL’d,

All websites which gather any type of data must get SSL’d. Breaches and hacks are becoming more prevalent each year, so of course, Google would want websites to get secure sockets layer-certified.

If you want your business to evolve in the rapidly changing SEO landscape, you should monitor different optimization strategies and algorithm updates. Also, contemplate on what search engines would try to achieve in the next few years. Respond to every search query. Minimize security problems.

4. Optimize for inquiries, not just keywords.

Featured snippets are not only about keywords, it is also about interaction and engagement. If you are a business owner, you would want to address the most popular inquiries within your niche. Create a Q&A or FAQ section in your website. The best place to look for inspiration? Quora. Just remember to keep all of your answers within the limits to maximize the chances of getting snipped.

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