7 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

I’ve traveled to so many different places all over the world and one of the places that I always go back to is Kuala Lumpur. Think of Kuala Lumpur as a Mini-Singapore in that there are so many things that you can do that aren’t that expensive at all.

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If you only have a limited time in the city, I want you to read the entire article to find out some of the best things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Descend the Rainbow Steps

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you definitely have to go to the Batu Caves. Now, this is originally a place of worship but tourists go here for one thing: The rainbow-colored steps.

The 272, multi-colored steps will surely give you a good cardio workout but even if you do not want to ascend or descend from the steps, you can simply snap the amazing design and architecture that was put in the construction of this magnificent thing.

Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is a bit huge but here, you will find the Sultan Abdul Samad Building that was used to be where the British were conducting their operations. It has now been repurposed as a government office but the amazing design and architecture of the building itself is a sight to behold indeed.

You can either walk around the square or join some of the guided tours that are being offered for free at some time during the day.

Little India

Malaysians take a lot of inspiration from the Indians and it is especially evident in the craftsmanship and food that you can see in the metro.

That being said, there is actually a dedicated place for Indians known as Little India that is located in the Brickfields. You will know if you have arrived at the said place since you will hear some Bollywood music blasting in the background.

Anyway, I really love this place simply because you can find a lot of things Indian here.
From textiles to spices, you can definitely find anything that you want here. My only gripe with the place is that it can be unruly and dirty at times, but for the most part, this place is highly recommended.

The Markets

There are plenty of markets that you can find in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to buy some souvenirs, head over to the Central Market. If you want to find some cheap goods, go to
Petaling Street in Chinatown.

Shop Until Your Wallet Says, “Stop!”

Although you can find places where you can buy cheap items, there is also no shortage of premier malls in the city as well.

Go to the Pavilion Mall, for example, as you can find more than 450 different designer brands and outlets to choose from.

Nothing Beats Street Eats

One of the main highlights of Kuala Lumpur is its food scene, particularly the street of Jalan Alor. This place is riddled with Hawker food stalls that are ready to offer you food until your stomach quits.

Here, you can find Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and even European cuisine that will not break the bank.

Marvel at the Tower

A trip to Kuala Lumpur will not be complete with you taking a picture of one of the world’s iconic landmarks- the Petronas Twin Towers.

This used to be the tallest building in the world but has since been surpassed a couple of years after it was completed.

Still, the towering 88-story structure is definitely something to behold, especially during the night.