Basic Baby Feeding Guide

Are you excited to take on baby care duties? Make sure that all necessities are already with you even before your little one comes home. You can buy tons of baby clothes and baby milk bottles in Malaysia! Of course, baby shopping is a big deal, but there are plenty of other important things you must focus on.
During the early years of your infant child’s life, you will have several feeding decisions to make. Should you feed her formula milk, or should you take on breastfeeding duties? This is one of the first dilemmas you will encounter as you go along.

Baby Feeding

Breast milk is the best food for your infant’s digestive system. Though, breastfeeding is a huge commitment. On the other hand, formula feeding provides more flexibility and freedom for mothers. So, what is your decision? Remember, only you and you alone can decide what will work best for your routine and family.

Bottle Feeding

  • Choose the bottle-feeding nipples well. There are medium-flow, slow-flow and fast-flow ones available in the market.
  • Before using the nipple, check if there are tears and rips. Just in case there are any, throw it away immediately.
  • Should you go for glass or plastic? Glass baby bottles are easily sterilized, yet they can break and chip. Meanwhile, plastic baby bottles much easier and lighter to pop into the diaper bag.


  • Purchase nursing pads ahead of time. Moreover, don’t forget to buy cream for your cracked, sore nipples.
  • Are you a working mom? If yes, feel free to use an electric breast pump to store milk, and get the baby used to drinking from a bottle.
  • Always breastfeed in a relaxed, comfortable position, complete with nursing pillows for support. In addition, to make the breastfeeding experience better for you, wear a nursing bra.

Toddler Feeding

  • For on-the-go, busy mothers, it’s best to have snacks attached to car seats and strollers.
  • Once your child turns 4 to 8 months, she can transition to using sippy cups. Wean her off the milk bottle by replacing the regular bottle with a sippy cup, until you are bottle-free. The best sippy cups are leak-proof and lightweight.
  • Once the child begins to eat solid foods by 4 to 6 months, you can use a soft-tipped spoon, and plastic bowls. The best spoons for babies are rubber-tipped and flexible. Some even have heat-sensitive coatings, and changes colors when the food is hot.