Buying Rolex Watches for Investment: A Short Guide

Are you thinking of starting a watch collection? You are probably thinking of getting your first ever Rolex watch. Rolex is, no doubt, one of the world’s most popular luxury watch brands. Whether you are hunting for women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, United States, France or Russia, you will most probably look into getting your hands on a Rolex timepiece.

Rolex’s history stretches back to the 19 th century.

For years, it has undergone several significant changes, and made huge impact in the industry. Today, it is already recognized as a symbol of quality, reliability, success and prestige.

If you are determined to get one, you need to prepare a big budget. Rolex timepieces are expensive, and are common choices for people looking for heirloom watches. Its value can increase a lot, and is proven to be a good investment overtime.

Important tips for when investing on Rolex watches:

  • Consider future collectability.
  • Consider supply and demand.
  • Professional/sports watches are the safest, most popular bets.
  • Take into account the material of the watch.

Are you aware of the controversy surrounding the Rolex watch investments?

Some watch collectors argue that these timepieces are meant to be enjoyed. If you take into consideration the financial aspect of purchasing watches that make great investments, you take away the charm that comes with watch collections. The bottom line is that you focus more about making money than the passion of collecting. You are subconsciously limiting yourself in a way that you don’t buy the timepieces that you genuinely love, simply because they are not good investments. Think about this as you go on with your collection.

Now, moving on to the question you currently have in mind–what is the best first Rolex watch for a newbie collector? The safest answer to this are vintage Rolex watches. The primary reason for this is based on the demand and supply principle. Check whether you can buy discontinued Rolex models. Since the manufacturer is no longer making that watch, its value increases.