Choosing A Baby Bottle

Choosing a baby bottle

Picking the right baby bottle might seem like a trivial task. After all, it’s a baby bottle, wouldn’t any be right? The safest thing to do when having a baby is to not assume that you already know how to care for a baby, and just as you would research about the most convenient baby strollers, you should also research about baby bottles. Knowing will help you select the best bottle for your baby. There are different sizes, textures, and shapes. This article covers the must-knows about baby bottles.

Types of baby bottles


At some point during nursing, you are going to substitute breastfeeding with bottle feeding, and you are going to have to pick out baby bottles. It is advisable to have more than 2 baby bottles. Some baby bottles are best for storing breast milk and feeding your baby, whilst others are better for feeding formula, as they have valves that help prevent gassiness and colic.

Standard Baby bottles: These are traditional baby bottles, with a simple design. They are either made of glass, plastic or stainless steel.

Angle-neck bottles: The neck of this bottle bends at the neck, which stops air from filling the bottle, which would stop bubbles from forming in the milk and prevent colic and gas. Also, the angle is commonly recommended by pediatricians, as it would help prevent ear infections.

Disposable liner bottles: This a convenient way of feeding your baby. You would have to insert a sack of milk in the bottle, and as the baby drinks, the pouch will sag, and this reduces gassiness. Although it is an easy, convenient method, it isn’t eco-friendly and we’re all about that lately, aren’t we?

Vented bottles: Some baby bottles have built-in vents, that prevent bubbles from forming in the milk or at the nipple. This helps prevent your baby from getting gas. A limitation with this kind of bottle is that it can be hard to clean the vents.
Plastic: Plastic bottles are cheap and light. However, it is not as long-lasting as glass or stainless steel bottle. Plastic baby bottles need to be replaced every few months.

Stainless steel:  These are favored amongst some parents because of its ability to keep the milk at the desired temperature. It does come at a higher price than glass and plastic bottles, but they last longer than plastic bottles, so in the long run it.

Glass:These days’ glass bottles are shock and heat resistant. The great thing about using a glass bottle is that unless it chips and breaks, you don’t have to buy a new one.

Silicone: These bottles are also more expensive plastic and glass bottles. However, they are a more durable and safer alternative to a plastic bottle.
Types of bottle nipples
Like the shape of the bottles, the nipple comes in different shapes and materials.

Traditional nipples: These bottle nipples are commonly found on standard baby bottles. They are bell-shaped and made of latex.

Flat-topped nipples: The bottle nipples have a flat top and bigger base. It was designed to be shaped like a breast

Orthodontic nipples: In contrast to the flat-topped nipples, these nipples have a flatter base and more rounded top

Multi-flow nipples: Multi-flow nipples can be adjusted to the child’s age. Stage 1 slow flow nipples are best suited for newborns, to help them slowly adapt to the process of suckling. It can then be changed to stage 2, which allows a quicker flow of milk

Disposable nipple: These are wrapped in sterile packaging. These are convenient to use with formulas that are already in the bottle. It should, however, only be used once.

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