Event Planning 101

No university program can serve as your ticket to event planning success. If you are looking for a new event planner for your wedding event company in Malaysia? You better interview candidates well.

A good starting point is to ask about the event planning skills you are looking for. This may include knowledge on event vendor management, budgeting and logistics. Ask them about their knowledge on different trends, standards and anything about the event industry.

So, what kinds of skills should you look for? The best event planning candidates will combine practicality and creativity with keen communication skills and patience.

Situational and Operational questions

– Was there ever a time you went over budget? What did you do to fix it? What went wrong?
– How do you manage the stress and pressure that come as the event date comes nearer?
– How do you usually react to technical issues during an event? What are the most serious and common problems you have encountered while working on an event?
– Describe to me your most successful event planning experience. What strategies did you implement? What are the factors that contributed to its success?
– Describe to me that event planning and management experience that resulted negatively. What learnings did you get from it?
– What are the details that you will ask from a potential client, and why?
– Can you describe to me that one time you implemented a creative solution to an issue? How did it go? What was the result?
– How do you pick partners, such as DJs and caterers? What are your criteria to evaluate their quality and eligibility.
– How do you choose event venues? What are the factors that you always consider when picking one? What are your priorities?
– How do you use social media platforms for your event promotion initiatives?
– Have you ever experienced planning more than a single event simultaneously? What techniques did you use to make your routine easier?

Role-specific questions

– How many events do you plan every year?
– What elements are you considering before starting your event planning routine?
– What kinds of events do you plan usually? What is your specialty? Why did you choose to focus on it?
– How do you evaluate the success of all your events?
– How do you communicate to your clients that there is real value in your services?
– What do you love most about your job? It’s hard to operate on a very stressful industry. How do you stay motivated?