How Do We Choose Appropriate Adult Products?

First we need to understand the basic types of girls’ products.

The most basic type of jumper: this type is suitable for most newcomers, convenient and dexterous, good for storage, while the functional intensity is low and the stimulation intensity is not too strong, you can slowly discover your own point and find the right intensity for you. Most of the jumping balls on the market today have been modified to look good, so they are perfect for novice users.

There are many types of vibrators, such as the dual combination of suction and vibration, the pure vibration of the vibrator, the Y-shaped vibrator, the majority of the older models have a large town head, which is not at all stuffed, but also easy to have pain, but some people are more like this, for me personally do not like. But in recent years the newer models have completely abandoned the large head design. Most are now compact and convenient looking.

So how do you choose a channel to get started?

The advantage of a brick and mortar shop is that the goods are picked up quickly and the materials can be seen and touched, but a brick and mortar shop is really inconvenient for me, and it is easy to be  embarrassed to ask the salesman many questions about details in person. And there are very few categories and very few big brands. The prices are also more expensive than online.

Online shops can be a good choice. Although there is a wide variety of online platforms, it is still advisable to choose high quality products, after all, it is something that is used in intimate parts and the quality and material may not be guaranteed. But it has the advantage of more categories and more choices, the disadvantage is that this often belongs to the store type rather than the boutique form, the product has good and bad need to identify themselves, if you want to save some trouble, you can also go to some review shops to see.

You can also choose big brands, like Durex, Okamoto. These are big brands, the quality is certainly not to say, is the function of some singles, but are known brands, so rest assured that the purchase I recommend that girls must choose their own suitable small toys to use. If you are his partner, you could choose SecretCherry For Her. After all, the human body structure is very different. If you choose inappropriate small toys there is basically no feeling, choose small toys, do not blindly Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t follow the crowd when choosing a small toy. Choose according to your needs.