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Performing a throughput test allows you to determine how quickly your web pages will display, how quickly you can download a file and send data.

Good to know

The fiber, ADSL or VDSL speed test should not be confused with the eligibility test which allows knowing the compatibility of its line with the commercial offers offered by Internet service providers. You can check out TIME internet today. However, you can also opt for Unifi because TM Unifi coverage is good too.

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How does a flow test work?

  • Make a fiberĀ speed test or an ADSL speed test is done on the internet, on the website of one of the different internet service providers or through an online speed test.
  • So all you have to do is go to the website of your choice and click on “Start the test”.
  • In a few seconds, or even a few minutes, your internet connection is analyzed and you can consult the results according to several parameters.

All you have to do is compare your results with the theoretical speeds announced by your operator. Depending on the tests, the results are calculated either by measuring the time required to download a file of a given volume or by recording the volume of data transmitted for a fixed period of time (1 second, 10 seconds, etc.). Some throughput test applications offer the measurement of additional parameters such as jitter or latency throughput. These measures are more or less interesting for you depending on your internet usage.

Save money

An internet subscription is a year-round budget, don’t you think you could save money?

Some tips before launching your internet speed test

The performance of your connection is affected by multiple parameters:

  • The connectivity used for the local network (wifi, CPL, Ethernet cables),
  • The processes running on your computer (virus, antivirus, software running in the background in general, downloading, etc.).

The connection characteristics of your internet service provider: synchronization mode, poorly dimensioned connectivity, speed steps, poorly maintained network, etc.

For greater reliability in measuring the actual maximum flow rate to which you can claim, certain precautions must therefore be taken before launching your flow test:

Cut your peer-to-peer sharing software and pause all your downloads. In general, close all applications that use an internet resource and close all other pages in your browser.

With a stable connection, you can consider POS software for your business.