Simple Guide to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

If you are a business owner and you want to tap into blogs and websites to help you promote your products, then you should start by creating your own affiliate programs in Malaysia. There are two ways you can create your own- either you use an affiliate network’s in-house features or use appropriate affiliate software.
Below is a basic guide to help you create your own affiliate program:

Define Your Goals

Before heading out and getting yourself an affiliate software, you need to first define your own goals. What do you intend to achieve through your affiliate program? Do you want to earn $100,000 in the next 3 months? Who will be your main affiliate marketers?
Set goals for yourself to make everything have a reason and a purpose. Doing this crucial step will make everything so much easier down the line.

Specify Your Commission Structure

To entice would-be affiliate marketers to sign up to your program, you must always specify what commission model you’re going to use. Tell them how much percent commission they’re going to earn, as well as how often will the payout be. Furthermore, what currency will the payouts be?

Always Mind Tracking Tools

Tracking is one of the most important things to consider when you are creating an affiliate program. How will you track everything? Will you give your publishers affiliate links with tracking codes or will you use specific software on your site that will help you track how many people were driven to your webpage via referrals?
Whatever your approach is going to be, always employ some form of tracking program so that you will be able to pay your affiliates nicely.

Set the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are quite important when setting an affiliate program so that both your affiliate marketers and their audience will know the terms that you have set for them.
For instance, what are the only types of content that your publishers should create? And, how often should they use your affiliate links? Always set this beforehand so that everything is clear.

Find the Right Affiliates

This is one of the hardest things in the process because it is so hard to find the right affiliates for you. Well, I do have a couple of suggestions.
First, you can try asking your friends for referrals. Second, you can sign-up to an affiliate network where a lot of publishers reside. Choose one that best fits the products or services that you sell.

Always Inform Your Publishers About Your Products

Before you let your affiliate marketers do their thing, it is important that you brief them with the products or services that you sell. They have to know exactly what the features of the product are, as well as the price and other important information.
Do this whenever you hire a new publisher or every time that you introduce a new product or service.