The Only Toys that Your Baby Needs

When you are looking for baby toys, what are the things that you need to keep in mind? Well, you will want toys that have simple designs and basic shapes because these are the things that are easier to grasp for your little one.

You will also want toys that are multifunctional such as a stuffed toy that can also act as a teether as well. There are also some toys that can ‘grow’ with your baby in the sense that they can also play with them even when they are growing up. Examples of these include puzzles, building blocks, etc.

Lastly, you want toys that are made of organic materials so that you can rest assured that they do not contain harmful chemicals that can affect your child in a negative way.

With all of those things said, here are some toys that your baby needs:

Baby Gym

A baby gym is actually not a normal gym that adults go to but it is actually a collection of toys that have the specific purpose of honing the physical aspects of your child.

A typical baby gym will include a playmat, some hanging toys that they will want to try and reach, and a host of other toys that are typically included in the set.

Find one that is made of non-toxic materials and make sure it is easy to set up.


Babies develop in such a way that they examine things using their mouths. That being said, teething is also a natural phenomenon and it can be quite painful for your little one.

Fortunately, there are teethers that you can find on the market that will help them somehow get over the pain. They can do so by nibbling these toys so that it helps distract them from the pain that is normally associated with teething.

In addition, most teethers on the market also have a rattling feature that they can play with whenever they are not gnawing on it.

One of the most tried and tested toys that your baby will surely love. Balls can actually be played by your babies from infancy to adulthood.

Giving your baby some balls to play with will help them with their motor skills and help them with their physical development as well.

Nesting Cups

You also want to improve your baby’s fine motor skills and the perfect toys that can do that are those that they can stack accordingly.

Nesting cups or boxes are some of the most versatile toys in the market that can help them improve their coordination and motor skills. Be sure to buy some of them for your baby.

Cuddly Toys

You want to train your baby to socialize and one way for you to encourage that is to give them some stuffed animals. Why is that, you ask? Well, babies can do some pretend play- wherein they will act as if the stuffed animals are their real friends.

Pretend play can actually help them hone their social skills because they are preparing their speech in the real world so that they can attract actual human friends in the future.