Top 6 Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

When you go to your device’s respective app stores, there are so many different applications that you can download that they have to be categorized just to let keep everything neat and tidy. What does this tell you? It tells you that there are already plenty of mobile applications in the app stores and there are just going to be a lot more as time progresses.

Be that as it may, people might instantly assume that it is quite easy to develop an app. Well, the answer to that is not cut and dry, unfortunately. You see, there are challenges that mobile app developers face and although there are indeed some that you can create easily; there are also some that would require their undivided attention. So today, I am going to write an article that highlights some top challenges that these developers face when creating an application.

An Oversaturated Market

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are plenty of different applications already in the app stores, which means that the app developer must make sure that the app that they’re going to create is something that people are going to use. For this to happen, they will have to appeal to what is known as the highest lifetime value users or those people that are more likely to have a huge influence over a particular demographic. By doing so, they will help market the application- promoting it to have better traction.

Not Having a Clearly Defined Target Audience

I understand that you want to cater to as many people as possible, but it is a good place to start with a target audience in mind.
That being said, you not only have to look at a particular market, but you will also have to run some analytics to ensure that there is money that can be had when serving that particular niche.

Managing Finances

Creating an app from scratch would require some ample money, especially if we are talking about developing a rather complex application with loads of features. That being said, if you are a client, you will need to raise enough funds for this to happen. There are certainly a lot of financing options that you can take. You can either take business loans or perhaps talk to angel investors that will help your cause.

Choosing the Right Development Technology

One of the biggest challenges that app developers face is choosing the best development technology for creating the application. We all know that there are native apps, cross-platform apps, and even hybrid apps, but the choice of choosing one is actually quite hard. At the end of the day, you have to decide. Otherwise, not only will your application take a lot of time to finish, but it might have poor performance, thus providing a lackluster user experience.

Different Operating Systems

Android and iOS are the two major mobile operating systems out there today. iOS users will have to use an Apple device while the others are going to use Android. That being said, you probably know by now that different operating systems would mean that you need to use different APIs, development frameworks, and programming languages to create the application, right? So, how do you solve this? You can create cross-platform applications. Even though their performance is not up to par with native apps, at least, you’re catering to the vast consumer market.

Promotion and Marketing

With so many applications out there, how can you make sure that your app will be known? Well, that is easy- you have to employ marketing measures using promotional materials. You have to employ certain measures such as app store optimization, employing a good monetization scheme, having an enticing and feature-rich app description, just to name a few.