What You Should Spend Your Monthly Salary For.

In the 21st century, it is common knowledge that there are simply so many things to pay for every month. You gotta pay the electrical and water bills, the bank loan for your car, the monthly subscriptions for Netflix and Wifi, food stock and other essentials you need. This means that you need to be smart in handling your monthly expenses so that you can use the money wisely and it will not finish too quickly. After all, you still need to save for future uses. Once you become an adult and you have to think of paying all this and that, you might feel burdened by them all. However, take it slow and it is recommended that you start writing a list to sort out what you have to pay and what you have to settle per month. It will be easier for you to see the bigger picture and plan how to use your monthly salary. Here are some of the things you probably have to include in the list.

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Your Parents

As you are an adult, you are responsible to support your parents. They are getting old and it might be hard for them to continue working. Especially if their health starts to deteriorate and they feel tired easily. Thus, make sure to spend some of your salary for your parents every month. Check what they need and care for their basic essentials at home. That is the least you can do for them after years of them supporting you while you grew up. 

Bills And Loans

As mentioned before, you will need to pay for bills and bank loans for a car or house. Usually, they will deduct a fee percent of your monthly salary for those. This means that you don’t have to worry as much as the deduction means you no longer have to go and pay for them in the office or at the counter. However, if no deductions are done, it is better that you keep a reminder with you to update you with the bills or loans you have to pay. Write some notes on what you have paid and what you have not so that you will not forget to pay for them. 


Many people pay for insurance every month as they are aware of how important that is for their future. If you can afford it, make sure to pay for insurance so that it will cover you in case of car accidents and any emergencies in the future. Hire an insurance agent you can trust and discuss the payments with them to ensure that you will not be scammed. 

Forex Trading

Why let go of an opportunity to gain double the amount of your income? Forex trading has been a great industry where you can sell, buy or exchange foreign currencies. Many people have been successful in their investment and perhaps you should also try forex trading. Check out top broker forex indonesia where you can look for trusted forex brokers that will act as a middleman for you and the forex trading market. 


All in all, there are many things you should spend your monthly salary for as you become an adult. However, consider that as a responsibility you have to accept for the sake of a better future not only for you, but everyone around you.