Must-Check Interior Design Trends for 2020

Design trends can be useful in finding inspiration for your next major makeover or renovation project, but that doesn’t mean you have to dissect all of your current decorations. Alternatively, choose the pieces and items you can easily integrate into your home to make your own look.

Wondering which trends in home decor are heading out and which ones are on their way in? To find out what to expect in 2020, we rounded up our predictions and spoke to home designers.

Bar Cabinets
It’s out with the bar cart and in with the bar cabinet. A bar cabinet gives you even more storage space, and you can create your own version using almost any cabinet.

Even though it is more difficult to move from room to room, a bar cabinet feels more deliberate and creates a meeting space in a dining room or a living room corner to serve drinks and mingle with family and friends.

Awesome Room for Kids

From camouflage to abstract accents interior design firms expects nurseries and children’s rooms to become even bigger and bolder in 2020. A children’s bedroom is a great place to get imaginative and channel your inner child into the decor of your home. While we still love a great hygge-friendly children’s place, this year we think it’s time to play in the nursery with more bolder colors and wild textures (think animal printing, camouflage, and faux fur).

Engage your kids as you pick furniture and set a space theme and create a perfect escape that will encourage the creativity of your family.

Basket Designs

When it comes to storage throws, dog toys, or really basically anything, nothing beats a great basket but we expect to see more woven pieces as artwork in the coming year. Baskets can represent a great alternative to the typical gallery wall.

Check the flea markets or vintage stores to find shallow baskets that create a beautiful, worldly atmosphere when hanging on the wall. Search for vibrant designs and hand-woven pieces that as an artwork can double. Bonus points: You can reuse them as storage around the house when you get tired of the looks on your walls.

Navy is the New Thing

This is a pattern that has crept on us slowly, but it has finally arrived with a bang. Navy itself is not new, but it is beginning to replace neutrals like gray and beige in residential spaces.

By 2020, we hope to see more bolder, darker colors being used in place of home neutrals. Colors like navy or hunter green can provide a sense of peace and quiet while still remaining traditional enough to be used in dining rooms or living areas.

Formal Dining Rooms

For years now, open floor plans have been popular but expect to see more and more homeowners embrace this year’s formal dining room. A formal dining room doesn’t have to be entirely locked off from the rest of the house, it should feel purposive and delineated.

A true formal dining room offers you an entertaining space that feels separate from the other home areas, and helps to promote family mealtime.