Why people borrowing money from loan shark

Life is hard. We faced obstacles almost everyday, be it in the aspect of financial, health and relationship. But, above all, financial is the most common problem to any other problems. Everything needs money until the extent where people desperately do anything to earn money. This includes borrowing money from loan sharks that at the end cause more debt and worse.


There are many reasons why a person borrows money from loan sharks. One thing for sure is that they are all desperate to have money. It is understandable. However, you will find out that there are few reasons which are irrational. 

Source : Licensed Moneylender


To settle gambling debt


It is surprisingly true that some people borrow money from the loan sharks to settle their gambling debt. Many gamblers can’t control their gambling addiction. Although they have no more money to gamble, be it at a physical casino or mobile slot, they will borrow the money from their friends to keep playing. Click here. You can also play at  best online casino in malaysia. The debt will be increased until they can’t afford to pay. That is why they started to borrow from loan sharks which worsened the situation.

Unexpected expenses


In the middle of summer, it might be a broken-down air conditioner, or a cracked muffler on that old car you need to get to work each day. Experts claim that another reason people often resort to personal loans is that they have to deal with some unexpected setback that they have not expected. There are still many people that don’t have emergency saving. Out of sudden, we might be hospitalized and need to spend a high cost on it. 

Paying credit card loan


It is a fact that credit cards are costly. When on an overseas trip it may be for shopping or other expenses. If you are spending a lot of the credit card, repayment can be a big issue. This is an incredibly expensive debt to bear for long, with average interest rates of 40 per cent. The use of a personal loan, which carries an annual interest rate of 12-15 per cent, is therefore a very smart choice.


For wedding purpose 


Parents save on marriage to their daughter. But with double-digit inflation and other problems, there are periods when the corpus of marriage expenses is not adequate. There is hardly any money saved for grooms particularly if they’re marrying at a relatively younger age. With today ‘s cost of weddings higher than ten years ago, financial assistance during marriage is a given. Plus, people nowadays wanted to have a grand wedding.


Home renovation


You intend to renovate or offer repairs to your house, these changes may push up the sale price. A personal loan will help fund the all-important home improvement project, particularly if your property doesn’t have enough built-up equity.


Use a personal loan to fund a renovation involves adding debt to the mortgage, as well as other financial commitments. Evaluate the remodel carefully, figure out the perfect repayment duration and the sum you need to make sure it is within reach. If you are unsure, seek professional financial advice.



Whether you want to attain the next level at work or turn your passion of photography into a full-time career will help you get there. In the long run the analysis is rewarding but in the short term costly. A personal loan will cover the expenses needed to improve your experience and skills.

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